10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Capsule Coffee Maker


Capsule Coffee Maker is a bit easy for a lot of coffee lovers. So is buying a capsule coffee maker the right choice? Not at all. Be sure to read this article if you have any thoughts about buying a Capsule Coffee Maker or Coffee Pods. You might already be purchased but read it anyway.

1- Capsule Coffee Machine and Plastic Use

1- Capsule Coffee Machine and Plastic Use

The first and most important reason. If you think about the consumption of at least 1 capsule of coffee consumed in each cup and capsule consumption around the world, you will notice that we leave a serious carbon footprint. Moreover, 195 F degrees water meets coffee in plastic, which will undoubtedly have an effect on taste.

2- Don’t Restrict Your Freedom with a Capsule Coffee Maker

2- Don't Restrict Your Freedom with a Capsule Coffee Maker

When you buy a Capsule Coffee Machine, you are usually forced to buy coffee produced by that brand. Instead of going and buying a roasted coffee from a 3rd generation coffee shop that roasted 3 to 5 days ago, you drink roasted and ground coffee “at least” 3 to 5 months ago

3- Capsule Coffee Roasting Grade Unnecessarily High

3- Capsule Coffee Roasting Grade Unnecessarily High

Coffee capsules are often produced by big commercial coffee brands. And these brands promise to offer the same taste in each capsule. The way to make it taste the same is to burn it. Since so much coffee is not collected from a single farm you have to equalize them. The only way to do this is to overroast. Even though you say you taste the same in every capsule, it does not usually taste, I’ll tell you in advance.

4- Capsule Coffee = Pre-Ground Coffee

4- Capsule Coffee = Pre-Ground Coffee

I really prefer the smell of coffee when it’s first ground, rather than the smell of a good coffee while brewing. But that doesn’t happen in capsule coffee because it’s tightly packed in the manufacture date. All you get is the smell of brewing, which comes slightly. Therefore, no matter how well the package is, the coffee was already ground 3-5 months ago, it is not possible to have the same strength as the first day.

5- Capsule Coffee Machine Can Burn Your Wallet

5- Capsule Coffee Machine Can Burn Your Pocket

Let’s do a simple calculation. As of today, a 12 oz delicious coffee bean pack from a specialty coffee shop is about 16USD. The price of 10 capsule coffees produced by a common coffee brand is 9 USD, since each capsule contains 0.25 oz 10 pack contains 2.5 oz coffee, the amount you will pay if you want to buy 16 oz of capsule coffee is more than 54 USD. And not to mention the profile of the coffee you drink. Honestly, it’s not like you’re paying for coffee, it’s about paying for plastic capsules and packages.

6- Coffee Origin of Capsule Coffee

6- Coffee Origin of Capsule Coffee

When you go to a 3rd generation coffee shop and buy qualified coffee, you get a lot of information on it, such as region, farm, type, tasting notes, processing method, etc. But be thankful if you know what farm the capsule coffee comes from and what type it is.

7- Not The Same Taste You Have Outside

7- Not Being Able to Taste Outside at Home

When you go to a roaster that produces quality coffee, the taste of the coffee you drink there remains on your palate. You bought a pack of it and came home, if you brew properly, you will taste almost the same. I said almost because the taste you get has a direct relationship to the ambiance and environment you are in. But capsule coffee, huh? Every coffee you drink outside has a possibility to leave you a memory. Since you can’t go through the same thing at home, it might actually be a frustrating thing.

8- You Can’t Customize Your Coffee with Capsule Coffee Machine

8- You Can't Customize Your Coffee with Capsule Coffee Machine

There is 0.25 oz of coffee in the coffee capsule. For example, you can’t say I’m going to make my espresso out of 0.3 oz. If it’s flowing too slow, you can’t grind it a little coarser and taste different. Obviously, you can’t customize your coffee according to your choices. You may even be having trouble understanding what that means.

9-You Can’t Prepare Coffee for Your Guest with a Capsule Coffee Machine

9-Capsule Coffee Machine Will Not Prepare Coffee for Your Guest

On a traditional espresso machine, you prepare your coffee. You determine the grinding delicacy, the amount of coffee, the amount of water. But the capsule coffee maker isn’t like that. You put the capsule in it and the machine serves you the coffee. This is a coffee which is specially prepared for your guest, isn’t it? Of course No!

I’ve reserved the 10th reason for your imagination. Please write your opinion in the comments section.


refillable capsules

But I got a capsule coffee maker, and now I regret it, so what do I do, throw it away?

If you’ve noticed that you’ve made this mistake, the ready-to-fill coffee capsules might be your hero. Here below you might see some recommended refillable capsules that might help you to drink real coffee.


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