Do You Really Need a Coffee Grinder?


One of the most asked questions; do I really need a grinder at home? What happens if I use ground coffee? Does ground coffee stay fresh? Let’s deep dive into this crazy confusing meme

1- Oxigen

The enemy of coffee is oxygen. For this reason, the unused coffee should be left in its pack without being ground, in the form of beans, and in an air valved ziplock pack. Although the green beans can survive longer, after roasting, the protective shell (pulp) decomposes from the bean and oxygen starts to act faster.

2-Pre Ground Coffee

Do You Really Need a Coffee Grinder 02

The situation is more critical with ground coffee. Since the grinding process increases the contact surface of oxygen, you should consume the ground coffee within an hour or two. Let’s say you protected it well, you took the air off the package, then maximum 2 days. But then, it starts to give you a taste like, bitter instant coffee, it burns your stomach, etc.

3- Who is Guilty?

Do You Really Need a Coffee Grinder Dritan

No coffee shop knows or can predict the compatibility of the bean you buy with the machine in your home. Do not be angry with them, this is very normal. You wanted them to ground for espresso, but a slightly finer grinding will cause a flow-proof, while coarse grinding will result in a dishwater-like espresso. And it’s not the coffee maker or barista to blame for this, “ground” yourself.

4- Beans are Also Important

Do You Really Need a Coffee Grinder Beans

The grinding fineness of each bean is different, you can understand this with a few tries. Instead of pre-grinding all and waste the whole package, you will reach a happy end with a few tries.

5- But First…

Do You Really Need a Coffee Grinder Hand Mill

Even a cheap hand grinder is better than no mill, save your coffee to drink it like the first day.

6- The Need

Do You Really Need a Coffee Grinder wake up

If you have different brewing machines and equipment in your home, the uniform grinding will not meet your needs. There is a separate grinding fineness for each piece of equipment. If you do not buy a grinder, you “need” an acceptance to your messages sent to the universe for the same size fits all thing :).

7- Always Doubt

Do You Really Need a Coffee Grinder House

Maybe your first hesitation was “I want to buy a machine but I am not sure I gonna use it daily, so I don’t want to waste my money” You have bought your machine and now you are using it daily, don’t you? Let me give you a tip, the same goes for the grinder also. Don’t torture yourself.

8- Are You A Little Lazy

Do You Really Need a Coffee Grinder Full Automatic

You might say “Dude, I’m not so crazy about coffee but I just want to drink good coffee. My need is to press a few buttons and my coffee should be ready” This makes sense also. Then you can go for a model with a built-in grinder. In fact, fully automatic coffee machines are exactly the kind of machines that will meet your needs, if you increase your budget and buy one of these machines instead of regretting it, you will be proud of yourself when you remember.

9- No Budget for a Grinder?

Do You Really Need a Coffee Grinder Money budget

Paying for a grinder might not be suitable for your budget. But keep in mind that you do weekly pay this for supermarket shopping and they last only a week. You will use your grinder for at least 6-7 years.

10- Next?

Do You Really Need a Coffee Grinder Slam

If you decided to start with a hand mill and say let’s decide the bigger one later if needed. Be sure you will have to give that decision and that will be closer than your imagination. So go ahead with a medium segment automatic grinder and don’t leave a decision behind.


Before you put your self in chaos on which grinder to buy, take a look at our recommendations.

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