10 Things You Might Not Know About Coffee


I am going to share 10 interesting things that you probably don’t know about coffee. If you want to add new items please write as a comment. I will be happy to add it here.

1- Most Exporting Country is Brazil

Brazil Coffee

Brazil produces 30% of all coffee consumed all over the world. The following countries are Vietnam and Colombia. We can say these 3 countries produce 60% of coffee. The cheapest arabica coffee produces in Brazil and named Rio Minas. Not recommended 🙂 if you don’t have to.

2- Coffee is the 2nd Most Traded Product in the World

Coffee Trade

The first is petroleum (oil) then by coffee.

3- Coffee is 2nd Most Consumed Beverage

The 2nd Beverage

Of course the first beverage is water, but think that 99% of coffee is persist of water. So if there was no coffee we don’t consume that much water. Hımm, oh no! Environmentalists will blame coffee! (just kidding lol)

4- Brewed Coffee Contains More Caffeine Than Espresso


Shocked? C’mon be realistic. All measurements can be manipulated. So here is the fact, Double-shot espresso (1.5 fl oz) contains 150mg of caffeine, but Brewed coffee serving size is 16fl oz and contains 350mg caffeine. Oh if it is blonde roast, then it became 360 mg. These values are taken from Starbucks Website which means if you consume coffee from a third-wave roaster, probably their roasting level is lighter than Starbucks and caffeine amount will increase. Yesss! You are right if you roast coffee darker you reduce the caffeine amount.

5- Not Expresso, it is Espresso

Expresso or Espresso

One of the most common mistakes. Due to the phonetic logically similar to express, actually its root came from pressure. (“presso” in Italian).

6- Voltaire Consumes 50 Cups of Coffee everyday.


You can find this information from several resources, but none of them shares the size of the cup. I think it was a small cup likes Turkish Coffee served, otherwise he might be the author of Space Jam 🙂

7- Coffee is Actually a Fruit

Coffee Cherry

Coffee is the seed of a cherry bean. First, the fruit separated from the seed than washed. After that the bean dried and roasted.

8- If Khaldi’s Goats did not start to Jump, we might not know Coffee

Khaldi Oromo and a Goat

Coffee first found by a Clan called Oromo. Khaldi is a Shepherd of Oromo Clan and took the goats to a different place that day. He lied down under a tree than felt in sleep. When he woke up, he sees that all goats are jumping like they are on a trampoline. He realized that all goats eat the cherry of a tree which he never saw before.

He grabbed some cherries and brought it to his Clan. When they eat the cherries they started to feel awesome and energetic. Then they use this fruit before going hunting. A couple of years later a fire broke out in the tent that they keep cherries. And guess? Yep, the magic happens, they invent roasted coffee…

9- Turkey is the Only Country Who Use Coffee to Celebrate Marriage Promises

promise coffee

In Turkey, there is a tradition. If a couple decided to marry, the man’s family visit the girl’s family house to request her parents’ permission for marriage. If the permission given by her family, the girl makes coffee and serves to their guest

10- Turkey is the Only Country that Serves Coffee with Salt (Oh No!)

Groom Coffee
ps. Damat Kahvesi means Groom’s Coffee in Turkish

As I said above the girl makes the coffee. But she puts salt instead of sugar to her future husband’s cup. As a gentleman, he has to drink that coffee to prove that he can drink/eat anything with her… Of course, there are some brave hearts that can’t drink that coffee but besides some ladies are merciful and put sugar in coffee 🙂

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