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Buying Coffee Maker Privacy Policy
Updated 10/05/20

BuyingCoffeeMaker.com will not share your personal information with other organizations or organizations without your consent and consent.

When you log in with your social media accounts, the integration of the relevant social media platform is used and your password information is not hosted in any way, communication takes place directly between you and the social network. BuyingCoffeeMaker.com only uses the information you allow to access during this time to create a membership.

The articles published on BuyingCoffeeMaker.com express the views of the authors themselves and are not verified by scientific research, etc. Authors and commentators are responsible for their own activities.

As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

BuyingCoffeeMaker.com reserves the right to correct any comments without changing the meaning. MokaPota.com reserves the right to terminate and block membership if deemed necessary.

BuyingCoffeeMaker.com assumes no responsibility for any material or moral loss, negativity or malfunction, injury and / or damage that may occur during the execution of the transactions by the user.