Cascara And Quishr Tea


Quishr tea is a drink that has high consumption, especially in Yemen. It’s got some Cascara, Ginger and Cinnamon in it. Instead of cinnamon, nutmeg, which sometimes stands out for its similarity to walnuts, is also used. The main ingredient of this drink, which gives me a lot of pleasure, is Cascara.

Cascara means peel in Spanish. But it’s actually the dried coffee cherry. You know, what we drink for coffee is actually the bean of the coffee fruit. In the first step, it is extracted and then washed, cleaned, roasted, ground, and brewed, finally ready to drink.

Well, don’t we say the vitamin of everything is in the peel:) Just to confirm that the cherry of the coffee contains more caffeine than the bean. After the coffee beans are separated from the cherry, the cherries are dried, just like the rosehip. After the drying process, the cherries, which have a similar appearance and touch to the hazelnut shell, take on a slightly woody structure. And here’s the Cascara.

The brewing is not different from herbal tea. No, we don’t boil it like mint & lemons, dear. If you want to do it properly, you can brew it in Chemex, a french press. But since I don’t like to brew anything other than coffee in the French Press, I would recommend brewing it in Chemex or lollipops.

It’s better not to mix this up. Cascara Sagrada and our Cascara are completely different plants. The Sagrada one is a herbal plant. It’s also been used in long-term traditional medicine. The plant itself and the medicine made from it are known for facilitating “defecation”!!!.

Oh, be careful! Because if you go to the herbal shop and say “I want Cascara”, she/he’ll probably give you the Sagrada one lol.

Now let’s go back to our Cascara and the way it was brewed.


First, boil some water, water should be around at a temperature of 200F degrees. Then, heat your Chemex with a bit of water, shake it slowly, and drain the water inside. We don’t need filter paper because we won’t use it.

The amount of cascara we need is 5% of the water. Then add the water you have heated on top and leave to infuse. After 4 to 5 minutes Cascara is ready.

You can use a strainer when buying your cups from Chemex, but Chemex will allow you to get most of it clean without strainers due to its structure. Your Cascara tea is ready, have it with pleasure.


If you want to make a Yemeni Quishr, put cascara, ginger, and cinnamon together through the rondo. Or grind the cascara small to the size of espresso and mix with ginger powder and ground cinnamon.
You can determine the amount according to your taste of course, but don’t let cinnamon and ginger to be dominant, don’t suppress the taste of our gorgeous cascara.

From this mixture, you can put about 3-4 teaspoons in a cup and infuse it by adding hot water on top. Or you can consume it by brewing it in the teapot just like Turkish tea brews. And you can even mix and cook some sugar in it, just like making Turkish Coffee or Menengic coffee, as is common in Yemen.

Considering the benefits of ginger and cinnamon as well as the caffeine it contains, you’ve discovered a good winter tea or coffee(!). One more little secret for you, don’t leave quishr with an empty cup plate while serving. Add a drop or two of honey and cinnamon over a little long sliced banana. You can serve the banana slice next to the Turkish coffee alongside Quishr. We said winter tea, but in summer you can also consume Cascara and Quishr with ice and a slice of lemon in it.


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