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AeroPress Organizer | 100% Recyclable Bamboo

AeroPress Organizer | 100% Recyclable Bamboo

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  • NECESSARY NEXT PURCHASE FOR CRAFT COFFEE LOVERS – The AeroPress Organizer is the perfect item to enhance your AeroPress coffee maker experience. Whether you just got your first AeroPress for Christmas or are an experienced user, this organizer is the ideal addition to your coffee routine.
  • MADE OF SMOOTH, RECYCLABLE BAMBOO – Our AeroPress Caddy is made of all-natural, non-toxic bamboo that matches any space. Its sleek design fits perfectly on kitchen countertops, office spaces, and commercial coffee bars. The bamboo is beautifully finished and 100% harmless to the customer and the environment, so you’re giving back to the planet with every sip of craft coffee you enjoy.
  • INNOVATIVE SPACE-SAVING DESIGN – Like other Drip & Brew products, this AeroPress Stand was designed to make your coffee experience easier and more enjoyable. The organizer is narrow and compact, allowing the customer to fit it anywhere they’d like. It holds an AeroPress coffee and espresso maker as well as all its pieces, and even has room for two of your favorite coffee mugs.
  • COMES WITH TWO HEAT-PROOF SILICONE MATS AND COMPARTMENTS FOR ALL AEROPRESS PIECES – This organizer is very versatile. You can hang the two main pieces of your AeroPress in the center of the organizer with one of the heat-proof silicone mats underneath. The other heat-proof silicone mat sits on tops where you can choose to put your filters or a couple of your favorite coffee mugs. You can put your AeroPress coffee scoop and AeroPress stirrer inside compartments as well.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We care deeply about your coffee experience! This product was created and perfected out of a desire to provide our customers with the coffee experience they’ve always wanted. If you are not satisfied with the AeroPress Coffee Organizer, you are guaranteed a full refund.


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