Best Barista Hacks For a Better Latte Art


Making a perfect Latte Art requires experience. In this video, you may find the best barista hacks, from experienced baristas that made you Latte Art champ! Good soldiers follow orders right?:)

Pouring Hight for a Perfect Latte Art

Pouring Hight is one of the most important points for latte art. What happens when you pour it from a higher point, what happens when you pour the milk very near to the cup? In the first part, you may find the tips for milk pouring height.

Alternative milk drop

In the second part, you’ll get tips about the alternate milk drop. What you need to know about pouring the frothed milk into the cup. What movements do you need to do and what do you need to take care of? Well, we are looking for better results and are sure these ones will help you.

The “Dritan” hack for a Perfect Latte Art

Dritan Alsela is a well-known famous influencer barista. You may know him from Instagram videos, stories, and reels. Probably yo’d be faced with one of his videos, a man drinking coffee from a huge cup, right that’s him. And here is a hack from him.

Used coffee puck

Well, this is quite interesting and you have to watch it for a better practice

Milk Measuring for a Perfect Latte Art

This is another important thing. How much milk do you need to pour for better latte art? Does the cup size matter or it is only a standard amount of milk?

Big pitcher hack

Does using a bigger pitcher help you better? Why not? Well! We gonna see!!!

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